Presentation Reflection

Presentation Preperations!Myself  and Freddy met before the class to put up the posters, unfortunately Lea was experiencing technical difficulties and couldn't make it! I ended up having two presentations today, I was really excited to see what the other groups produced yet nervous for our #metoo presentation.... I was also feeling very grateful we didn't have to use our voice during our presentation! *sigh of relief*

We began with group presentations in order of group; 1,2,3 etc. It was really interesting to see the points people had made and the way each group had different views on the topic. The presentations were really good and everyone gave really positive feedback after the presentations which was encouraging. Bonus; we learned how to clap in second life!

....and then us; group 7! 
The time ran away on us and suddenly it was almost 10' o clock and it was our turn to present. John asked us about the artwork we had hung up in the class; one being a graphic discovery F…

Group Contribution

....and together, we made up group seven!

FORM; wk 3 In second life we choose our identity, the game is to remain somewhat hidden in your online identity. My first objective was to find out who ''FreddymcFreddy'' and ''LeaStru'' were! We met in classes, where we became friends which enabled instant messages but only while both users were online. Being unfamiliar with second life, I tried to find the girls on Facebook. John created a group for our class on Facebook, so this made it easier to trace the team.

Storm; wk4/wk5/wk6 We created a tri group on instant message, which turned out to be our most efficient source of communication throughout the course. Of course we needed a place to brainstorm and scrolling up through our previous messages became tedious, so from here Freddy suggested using a Padlet account - a cork board organizational app which I found to be very beneficial as it was a source of thought where we could see what everyone else was thin…

Eight Class- The Circle

''Knowing is good, but knowing everything is better. Without secrets we can fully realise our potential'' - Eamon Bailey.
This week we were set a task to watch a film staring Tom Hanks & Emma Watson. I usually just binge watch over Christmas so having a movie night mid November was a great idea! We've been spoiled with Sci-Fi movies playing with the idea of the future since Metropolis in 1927. I feel like we're a bit over saturated with this concept of the future having Space chips, freaky looking characters and travelling to different planets... This film looks into the future in a terrifyingly realistic way. This movie represents technology overload in the very near future.

Mae Holland(Emma Watson) works for the worlds largest social platform. They have this demand for everybody to be a part of their online community and upload their daily activities and participate in the circles activities. In this film,Your social media is basically your CV- will this …

Class Seven; The night we typed

This week was based on identity - gender, online and theft;
Digital; We read a piece on digital identity this week by Eric Stoller, with some key points to remember as you reflection of what you want to appear.  The simplest of things like to be kind, make sure your posts make sense to others and not just yourself, share your experiences, network well online, to remember what you share will be around forever and to use social media for career development.  These are the benefits of using a social platform as a tool. In the article, it says to teach students how to use social media, if in schools you were shown how to use it more efficently, I wonder if cyber bullying would decline...? The way we've experienced the #metoo effect on society where we believe people should be less inclined to abuse others as their name would more likely be brought to attention.. Theft; Our other reading was on a Syrian Lesbian who blogged about being kidnapped. The person behind the blog was infact a ma…

Sixth Class -To Agree/Disagree with Terms&Conditions

Opacity, Transparency;
In relation to the reading, we discussed technology in terms of opacity and transparency. Ă‰douard Glissant had made the point that transparency was a western requirement as it allows us to make comparisons & judgements. Our lives are lived through social plat forms that allow us to research normal people online.  Subconscious minds make judgements, we do it without realising. When you hear it's a ''western requirement'' not only do you feel targeted, but also deeply saddened. 
We create profiles through platforms such as Facebook or Instagram; we upload our pictures, current locations, what we're up to. Friends from across the globe can look at our things whenever they want. One of the most ironic things is that we are friends with people on Facebook who are strangers in real life.  Your social media platform may jeopardise future employment or enhance the likeliness. 

Nine times out of ten you will be asked to agree or disagree with a …

Fifth class- Using social media

I was a bit hesitant of this brief at the start but when we analysed the situation I quickly discovered how people were connected, had opinions and shown interested in the #metoo trend. This brief has come at a focal point in our lives and society. It has had a positive global impact on society and became an event in history. Once you stop to appreciate how the world is constantly evolving around you, you see the pattern changes in society.

Our society;

In older times, the catholic church had all the power in Ireland. Over time, the power transferred to the people. RIP to the 1950's housewife, this is a new world & your phenomenons no longer exist. Unwritten rules are being broken all the time- no more dress codes for men or women, gay marriage is legal. Mental health is openly being discussed, sexual health too. Taboo no more, Abortion in Ireland is currently up for debate. Would you believe that since 1970, 184,000 women travelled from Ireland to the UK for abortion?

Why on S…

Fourth class- Televisions in Kitchens?!

In our fourth class we had another classroom based discussion, this time on technology in relation to last week's reading on McLuhan. Media is not a tool, it becomes part of us - an extension of what we can do. This is quite a motivational quote, He also uses a hammer to explain his theory. Whilst he never saw a computer, he seemed to be ahead of his time and had concerns of the relationship people had with their technological devices.

We had a broad discussion on technology and how it has evolved and changed how we live our lives, discussing the relationships between ''tools'' then and now. We have a variety of people of all ages and backgrounds, who had an enriched opinion on the topic. Some people grew up in different countries and others in a different era. 
John spoke briefly on his experiences; The TV was something only wealthy people had in their homes, there may have only been one TV in the neighbourhood. Whereas one of the students never had a TV in the h…