a brief induction - please stop drowning me

Welcome to Second Life!

What I expect;
When the opportunity arose to participate in an online class called virtual realities, I hadn't really got a clue what to expect. I chose this module because I was quite intrigued by having an option to participate in an online class, which I felt was quite modern and very interesting.
I initially thought we would participate in Skype conference video calls with lectures analysing the pros and cons of social media sites like Facebook and Instagram- what you post on Facebook vs what you do in reality, assessing the lives of you tube sensations and bloggers who've made careers out of their hobbies.

Our first class; 4th of October
The DIT room
I had missed a couple of days of college, I downloaded the app and created my avatar just in time for our first session. I chose my nickname as my user name and created a character that I felt looked like me, then met the class at the DIT location. Our lecturer John or 'Accupa' never arrived to class, he must've forgotten...

meme & silicee exploring the building.
I went exploring near the DIT college building and found myself at a house, I found this light and thought that if I stood on it the door might open at the same time... I teleport-ed my friend but unfortunately the door still didn't open. I then realised it was a lift, to which I got excited and ran off the top of the building, almost drowning my little girl in the sea.

Let us in!
I teleport-ed Silicee to my location to check it out with me. We discovered the need for a security key which I felt was quite random.
At this point I realised it's not us vs computer, there are other human beings playing this game. The ''private property'' alerts started happening. Its not as free roaming as one would think.

Drinking a cup of tea in SL and RL.

I explored places through teleportation and found myself in different environments. I was invited to local groups but chose not to get involved as of yet. I then learned that if you right click, it will give you options to do other actions. Here I am, interior design student in a beautiful lake house.

Lake trip on a swan
I confess - I never really kept track of where my location was.. I just kept exploring then couldn't name the places I had been. I took this trip of a lake on a swan, which was really cool but I stood up and fell out of the boat. Almost drowning my girl again. oops..

I was delighted that my character turned out similar to me but when I started to read up on previous student blogs I realised I had made a mistake... You are to remain somewhat hidden and create a new identity.

This is when the birth of modernpositive came alive.


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