First Class - in real life and in second life!

Can't go to the meeting? Bring that meeting to you!
Missing meetings but meeting lecturers;
This week John scheduled a meeting in Real Life which I couldn't attend. Thankfully I got a chance to participate in Second life. John taught the students in person on campus, whilst I attended online. I really appreciated being able to attend my lecture, I wish this was an availability for other modules!

Meeting John- 9th of October;
Meeting with my lecturer
 The meeting was a brief introduction, a chance for John to meet and greet his new bunch of students for Semester one 2017/18. He gave us a tour of the DIT online campus and spoke briefly about the module entails.

Our first class; 

Classroom based lecture- 11th of October

Our first class photo, credit to Stephsteph

We met John in second life in the DIT Campus. He spoke a little more on the module and the breakdown of assessment. John encouraged us to become familiar with teleportation, flying and socialising in Second Life. He also gave us a to-do by next class. Bartek created our Facebook group for us to communicate.

Travelling the world from your bedroom;

New London City;

Petting squirrels in London 

I went to London and explored the city. I suddenly saw this little fur ball roll across my screen. I tried to pet him by ''Touching'' him, but it didn't work. An instant message popped up on screen from the user'' you doin'' ..... Err?  Oh my god.

Visiting Russia

Rushing  around in Russia

When you walk passed other users in Second Life, you can sometimes hear them speak if they have their microphones on. I heard two people speaking Russian which I thought was insane. I've never been to Russia, but I would love to find a place in Second Life I've been to, to compare it to Real Life!

My first photo I took in Second Life


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