Second Class; Meeting people in SL

Full attendance and 15 module participants, woohoo!
Our second class;

Do you read the newspaper? Do you believe what you read? How do you know if it's real and accurate information or complete jargon? We had an interesting discussion on sources and whether to believe what we read or not. Our lecturer John was quite surprised to find not many of us read the news paper. I could sense a disappointment in his tone because ''reading the paper'' has been a tradition for years which has been lost along the way of generation and smartphones. I'll admit as a typical 90's kid - Google is my go to place for research. If I want to know something's genuine - I'll find other websites with the same information for a second opinion.

I was faced with a daunting challenge in this class;I missed the Facebook alert before class letting us know to prepare ourselves as we had to do an elevator pitch- confession number one- I didn't know what this was until John briefly explained. I was so nervous thinking about what I would say about myself that I couldn't participate in the class. ....before I knew it the subject matter moved on to the elevator pitch.

 Everyone gave a 30 second spiel about themselves and why they think they should be part of a team. Then it was my turn; I am an interior/ furniture design student who loves cooking, blogging & exploring. I think I would be a good asset to a team as I manage a group of 10 year old boys in hurling. I commit myself, I'm organised and I'm honest. *gulp* I wish John participated in this!

Meeting the group;

John sorted us into our groups this week, I made a group chat for us to communicate and we decided to dedicate some time to meet up in second life and introduce ourselves!

We met in the class room but decided to venture off in search of people to talk to. Barty was running a little bit late so Laura, MmcD96 and I started our journey with a trip to The White Cliffs of Dover. In real life this would have been breathtaking views, the cliff itself wasn't as impressive as other places in second life.

I found the destinations to be very quite, with one or two people who seemed to be gone as quick. This was a complete contrast to visiting these places in the real world, as there would be a heavy volume of people. Unfortunately we didn't all get to meet up at the same time due to technical difficulty & running out of time but it was nice to meet each other.

Girls on tour - The White Cliffs of Dover
Bartyyy doing'donuts around the Eiffel Tower

Las Paris here we come!

Farming with MMD96

Laura,Barty and I teleported to Las Paris 2000, we explored the area a bit but unfortunately couldn't find anyone to talk to here. This place was quite nice - it had a couple of cars in a parking lot which allowed you to race, but we we're unable without the owners permission which was a shame so we went night clubbing instead.
None of us used our microphones during the meetup, I don't think anyone has been comfortable enough to do that yet. I hope some day it feels a little more normal and we have clear audio to chat as it would be much quicker than instant messages.

Can't bring him anywhere...
Bartek started dancing and it looked cool, I wanted to dance too but I couldn't figure out how. All of a sudden Bartek's pants disappeared but he's still dancing away to his hearts content for 10/15 minutes! I think he got really embarrassed, I found it absolutely hilarious... I'm not sure whether or not Bartek does this in his Real Life as this was our first impressions which has made it ten times funnier!

Sorry Bartek!

Photo shoot under the Eiffel Tower

I haven't met anyone in the class other than Slicee and HOFraser, as they are from my course. Missing the first meeting made it so that other classmates couldn't put a face to my second life character. My character design was to create anonymity, but adding everybody on Facebook took that away. It's strange to walk around the college passing people I've seen pictures of through Facebook. (yes I clicked through your last 4 profile photos)I'm sure others have been in a similar position! I've never used Tinder or met anyone from online who I have conversed with. It's not something I get upto in my real life.

Socialising in Second Life;

I found my first victim in a bar in Dublin, 'Timothy' is currently living in Thailand as an expat from the UK. He visited Dublin a couple of times to visit family- they acknowledged him as Flynny. I didn't want to scare him away by asking too personal questions, but thankfully this SL user was very friendly and cooperative. 
I felt he/she gave me a good insight to their personal life as well as second life. If I'm honest I thought at times this person wanted to portray their real life as extravagant - to seem really outgoing and cool...If their second life was so amazing why would they spend 3-4 hrs a day on second life? Hmmm...

Brace yourself ;

Visit the following: Dolce Merda, Brain PickingsIllustration Friday, Chris Brogan.

I ''visited'' these things on second life thinking it was a teleportation task. I was wrong. Very wrong.

I suppose this is what John meant about coming across unusual findings on Second Life.

visit these links, not places in second life.

We were to research four blogs and discuss what we thought of the author behind the blogs. My favourite website was Dolce Merda- I really loved the layout and the artwork, I appreciated the attention to detail. My least favourite being Brain pickings, which I found cluttered and extremely heavy...

Dolce Merda;
Here are my assumptions & first impressions of Dolce-
1. Dolce Merda - I straight away think of Dolce and Gabanna, the two fashion designers originated from Italy, are you Italian?
2. This person has a feminine touch, the pink boarder.
3. They are selling something- The website has professional potential. They are trying to sell their work. Its like an online portfolio showing services they offer - branding, print, web sources.
4. Dolce Merda a colourful person; Bright interesting colours, I expect a happy go lucky bubbly person interested in making a name for themselves.
5.Skills as a graphic designer; A column of photos appear- two large side by side scroll down for two more 9 in total. These images are of simple yet beautiful graphic design which I get the impression Dolce has created.
6. This person definitely knows their colour theory, I can identify clear colour schemes not only within the images but the alignment - red & green opposite, blue & yellow which are complimentary colours.
7. This person is well organised, as they pay great attention to detail - their layout is well selected images that compliment each other. You can that the author hasn't always applied this method as they don't seem to have the same pattern nearer the bottom (older posts maybe?)
8. Within their artwork, they like to play it safe and have the main eye catching in the centre of their image. Their motto might be; simplicity is key.  I see a logo I recognise- Forbidden fruit. I click for more information to find that this is the designer of the logo. CONGRATULATIONS!
9. The website is fairly new.....When I tried to click into other folder, the only one to show me a different page was the ''About Me''.
10.This is where I learn a bit about them - Gianni a designer from Dublin with a Cat. 


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