Class Seven; The night we typed

My own photo, watching an Ibiza sunset...

This week was based on identity - gender, online and theft;

We read a piece on digital identity this week by Eric Stoller, with some key points to remember as you reflection of what you want to appear.  The simplest of things like to be kind, make sure your posts make sense to others and not just yourself, share your experiences, network well online, to remember what you share will be around forever and to use social media for career development.  These are the benefits of using a social platform as a tool. In the article, it says to teach students how to use social media, if in schools you were shown how to use it more efficently, I wonder if cyber bullying would decline...? The way we've experienced the #metoo effect on society where we believe people should be less inclined to abuse others as their name would more likely be brought to attention..
Our other reading was on a Syrian Lesbian who blogged about being kidnapped. The person behind the blog was infact a married man studying a PhD in Syrian economic development. There are many people of Syria who are disgusted with this man. He has commit identity theft, the LGBT community are deeply upset by this, as they have been put in danger. Others are disgusted as their making great effort to make Syrian news more global... Maybe this man should have wrote a non-fiction novel rather than a blog. This has become more of a common thing especially within media, we have shows such as Catfish - where someone has been in a long distance relationship with an online user for a while and are unsure if this person is who they say they are.. Then on the opposite scale we have Gossip girl, a show directed towards teenagers which showcases the majority of issues growing up. Relationships, underage drinking, drugs, college applications, sexual assault, the online environment- cyber bullying. The mystery- is the unknown Identity- ''gossip girl''- who is an online figure who sends messages to everyone in school, reporting on the latest campus gossip or embarrassing stories.
When asked a persons ''true'' gender in this day and age I feel like it is something that will cause major controversy. Sometimes people remain uneducated in gender types, forcing stereotypes and encouraging gender toys, clothing, hobbies etc but I think the biggest gender issue to me is that there are women in certain parts of the world who are still not aloud in education.  In the first 5-6 weeks of pregnancy, all mammals essentially start as female. They later develop gender through development of organs... For this reason, if we had to choose male or female, I would say we are all female.
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Identity is who you are on your brightest & darkest days. Actions prove who you are, thoughts are who you want to be.

How are our personal identities different to our professional identities in an online;
Our personal identity will shine through the things we ''like'' / post or identify with online, our photos  with of our friends - on adventures, nights out or the images your friends tag you in. When we stumble across something we strongly identify with and re-post with our opinions. The status tab allows you to speak your mind- this is where people may judge your intelligence based on your grammar and punctuation. You will appear funny if your status makes people laugh. Popularity may be determined by how many people like your posts. Whereas our professional identity - should have more structure and a more formal approach. If you have a professional website for commercial, you must develop a good layout and aesthetic which is continuous throughout your site. Demonstration of a trust worthy website, easy to navigate, zero tolerance for error in punctuation or grammar. Personality will shine through the colours, text, images you choose. The layout you include. The products themselves may give you an insight to the persons lifestyle.

Class time;
Both lecturers had faults with their microphones tonight, so our class was silent. We texted away for a bit then called it a night. The technical difficulties had a negative impact on the class, it was unusually quiet which made me feel anxious about presenting the group project. I have to hand it to John & Glenn for continuing the class in a professional manner, personality still shone through with the occasional expression *John (accuppa.tae) shrugs shoulders*. With second life being such an unpredictable game, it's difficult to determine what way we should present on the night..

Group Contributions

I have never made or edited any videos before but for one of my projects this semester, I must produce a video for a nightclub I've designed. I downloaded software and have been practising for a short video presentation to contribute to the group. If you're reading this, please don't judge my skills as I am trying to teach myself the skill mid- semester!... We were unsure about copyright laws, as John had stressed the issue previously, so Lea emailed John for feedback  on this issue before we dive in...

I think our group work is going really well. Each member has shown commitment and participation on the project. We've met up twice in second life, and kept up with messaging back and forth. There is a relaxed feeling amongst our group - we can all voice our opinions and I feel like our group get on well together!

Marilyn Monroe' appearing to be an easy target in second life!

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