Fifth class- Using social media

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I was a bit hesitant of this brief at the start but when we analysed the situation I quickly discovered how people were connected, had opinions and shown interested in the #metoo trend. This brief has come at a focal point in our lives and society. It has had a positive global impact on society and became an event in history. Once you stop to appreciate how the world is constantly evolving around you, you see the pattern changes in society.

Our society;

In older times, the catholic church had all the power in Ireland. Over time, the power transferred to the people. RIP to the 1950's housewife, this is a new world & your phenomenons no longer exist. Unwritten rules are being broken all the time- no more dress codes for men or women, gay marriage is legal. Mental health is openly being discussed, sexual health too. Taboo no more, Abortion in Ireland is currently up for debate. Would you believe that since 1970, 184,000 women travelled from Ireland to the UK for abortion?

Why on Social Media?

You are the content creator for your profile therefore you choose what you expose and the life you portray. When we look at all the changes that have occurred in the last 10 years, it's no wonder we've ended up here. Technology obsessed; We live the weirdest lives where half of us are obsessed with celebrities, TV programmes or social media. If you don't announce your pregnancy on a social platform, nobody will know but sure don't worry about meeting people in public because they'll all be consumed in their phones. These tools were built to give us the option to communicate, we never realised it would break the face-to-face communication one should have in there day to day life. More importantly how do we stop that?

People use social media as a platform, others treat it like a diary sometimes even a counsellor, after all Facebook does ask you ''what's on your mind''.... This encourages people to open up- how they don't have the perfect life, admitting to flaws #ExpectationVsReality, some people will post about their health journeys, experiences in life etc. The intimacy behind the internet and sense of anonymity. Giving you the extra courage to speak your mind. Almost like alcohol - where you're more easily able to open up.

All it takes is a hashtag to create a movement on the internet

An actress has come public through social media reporting a personal case of assault by Harvey Weinstein in Hollywood. This has shocked the nation for many reasons. It has led to thousands of people opening up about their issues using the tag. Which has had a positive effect on society- people are being more open, we hope it will prevent people from abusing as they will fear being reported. But it also has cons; people being falsely accused - ruining their lives and it highlights how much of a problem it is.

The #metoo tag has been a tagline since 2006, where Tarana burke created the phrase on MySpace. It started as a tagline for a community- women of colour who have been abused in underprivileged communities. A 13 year old girl opened up to her about being sexually assaulted which encouraged her to continue her to fight the battle of abuse as a high profile activist for many years but typically her voice hadn't been heard. She has only been recognised to the world who delve into the research the topic.

''Sexual Abuse vs Sexual Assault, what are we saying me too too?'' Freddy...


Throughout the module we've discussed sources- how accurate is the information we're reading? We've spoken about identities in second life and in real life, the whole discussion on ''tools'' - using and abusing them...These classes have been quite thought provoking, changing your views and making you question things before accepting them. When things happen between two people there are no witnesses, they are the only people who know what really happened. It's not victims being unheard or not believed but it's down to the evidence. Direct evidence or circumstantial evidence..
The full story may never come out.


Group Project;

This week was review week, the class schedule got a bit messed up. We decided to wait until the groups were made official by lecturers before we started working on the project. We continued to do research the topic in our own time and continued to chat in the group. We've placed a number of sources in our folder on padlet full of articles and videos on the subject matter.

Myself and Freddy chatting after class!



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