Fourth class- Televisions in Kitchens?!

In our fourth class we had another classroom based discussion, this time on technology in relation to last week's reading on McLuhan. Media is not a tool, it becomes part of us - an extension of what we can do. This is quite a motivational quote, He also uses a hammer to explain his theory. Whilst he never saw a computer, he seemed to be ahead of his time and had concerns of the relationship people had with their technological devices.

We had a broad discussion on technology and how it has evolved and changed how we live our lives, discussing the relationships between ''tools'' then and now. We have a variety of people of all ages and backgrounds, who had an enriched opinion on the topic. Some people grew up in different countries and others in a different era. 

John spoke briefly on his experiences; The TV was something only wealthy people had in their homes, there may have only been one TV in the neighbourhood. Whereas one of the students never had a TV in the home. Some people had a TV in the kitchen unlike others who's kitchens were a no technology zone. There didn't seem to be a connection, I suppose it was down to family choices and the morals of the parents who lay down the rules. 

It was the first device to demand your full attention, your mind left your body and entered the technological world. It's as if you're dreaming while awake, you zone out of reality and zone into the television. TV's seemed to dictate from day one; central heating was discovered in a similar time, furniture started pointing toward the TV rather than towards the fire. At first I would say it was an amazing experience yet quite bizarre, but at what point did we start overusing the tool? 

Technology changes so quickly that we struggle to keep up with it, one of the most important things about it is being able to note the changes and choosing when to respond to them. A lot of the time, technological innovation is referred to as technological advances, you need to stop and analyse; what is considered an advance to you?

The dishwasher takes 40 minutes to wash the dishes so you don't have to, yet we still need to load and unload the dishwasher, they don't clean up the kitchen after you've cooked. So why are we a nation that bought into the ''innovation'' of a machine washing the dishes for us...Cars, trains & planes have given us the option of commuting for work/college and the ability to travel all over the world. These advances expand our tools whilst items like dishwashers are items we've been brainwashed by.

We spoke about the impact of television on society in the past, present and future. In relation to the #MeToo campaign, if this had of happened 50 years ago we never would have heard of it. The possibility of the case going viral over night would have been impossible. 

So where does this lead us in 50 years?

For group progress this week myself, Feeney and Lea created an online chat where we've discussed the division of the brief requirements and our method of communication. Feeney has used Padlet before which she has found a very useful tool for college work. I had never heard of it before but I'm starting to really like this software. It allows us to collaborate without meeting up in real life. The cork board background gives it the feel as if we're brainstorming our ideas an informal manner. In relation to this weeks class, I feel like I have added a new ''tool'' with Padlet.

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