Sixth Class -To Agree/Disagree with Terms&Conditions

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Opacity, Transparency;

In relation to the reading, we discussed technology in terms of opacity and transparency. Édouard Glissant had made the point that transparency was a western requirement as it allows us to make comparisons & judgements. Our lives are lived through social plat forms that allow us to research normal people online.  Subconscious minds make judgements, we do it without realising. When you hear it's a ''western requirement'' not only do you feel targeted, but also deeply saddened. 
We create profiles through platforms such as Facebook or Instagram; we upload our pictures, current locations, what we're up to. Friends from across the globe can look at our things whenever they want. One of the most ironic things is that we are friends with people on Facebook who are strangers in real life.  Your social media platform may jeopardise future employment or enhance the likeliness. 
Visual Representation of me reading Apples terms and conditions

Nine times out of ten you will be asked to agree or disagree with a lengthily terms and conditions statement. Do you bother to read it or do you flick through and agree anyway? Has the significance of terms and conditions started disappearing or are we accepting the conditions to proceed? Most of the time you will not be able to continue what you're doing if you do not accept the statement. It's a check mate situation. Terms and conditions are in place for a reason, there is more than likely stipulations which you may get yourself into a mess and then frantically search for the statement you agreed with further down the line. It'll be too late, you'll have already signed your soul to the devil.
I've recently started to feel as if technology is invading my privacy, with notifications telling me I visit this place often and these ''recommended for you'' popups on my laptop and phone that are somehow strangely relevant. I recently had a match in Tyrellstown, in Dublin- a place I know of but had never been, my contact with the team was through a Whatsapp group, I got directions on Google maps and I started reciving pop ups of LIDL in Tyrrellstown. All before I visited the location which wasn't GPS tracking..When I arrived, LIDL was across from the pitch. I used three different mediums that referred to my data over the few days, I feel rather paranoid but this is too significant to be coincident. Storing search history, accepting 'cookies' and data transfer- do you agree to all of the terms and conditions now...?
Image result for google wants to know your location
Google is beginning to ask more questions than the average Irish mother...

 Is it time to log out of the system?
Group contribution;
We've been discussing the brief in our chat group and also communicating through our Padlet form. This week we decided to meet up in second life which was almost like a conference call. This was beneficial as texting could go on for a few days where a ten minute phone call could save the day. We spoke about our method of presentation on the night At this point we're thinking about doing a presentation where we link slides and possibly a short video. ''Zeitgeist'' was a new word for me, so I asked the girls if we could break down the questions. We analysed the way the three of us interpreted the brief to see what we understood the lecturer wanted from us.
Business meeting in second life with Feeney & Lea!


DISCLAIMER; My participation in this class was quite poor; I ended up falling asleep when I got in from college, woke up a half hour after class begun and rushed to set up for class. I struggled to keep my eyes open during our lesson so you may notice this weeks blog....


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