Third class- Sitearm Madonna

For our third class we were joined with a group of BAVA students from Sherkin Island. We had a guest lecturer called Sitearm Madonna, a man from America who is an Engineer in real life. Sitearm has used Second Life for 10 years and is very familiar with the app. He presented a slideshow to us by using google docs- this gave me an insight as to how to go about presenting in second life. He also had created a poster display on the wall which was a good visual but difficult to read in the second life app as the screen warped the writing.

Sitearm's lecture was on team building, we explored the various roles and stages in group project work. He had an interesting perspective on the leadership role within a group; while one person may take charge at the start of the project it's up to the group to make necessary changes in roles when needed to make continuous progress. We also spoke about conflict and the barriers within a group in an online environment. You wont be able to read signs like body language or facial expressions, text may be misinterpreted. Sitearm then stressed the importance of group reflections to ensure the project is progressing.

I experienced a tough group project last year which really upset me... I didn't like the situation but I felt like I couldn't say anything as it was within my core class. I wonder this time if a problem arises will it be easier or more difficult to address issues within an online environment?

During the presentation Sitearm continued to show us the characters he has created during his time in Second Life.
I felt that this gave me more of an insight to Sitearm's personality and character- something that doesn't always come through in Second Life. They were all really unique but connected if that makes sense.

The BAVA students were really confident using their microphones, they spoke freely as if we were all seated in a room. They participated in the Second Life module in the previous year of their course. There was no barrier for them or awkwardness in their voice, unlike us who still typed away our answers and opinions in class. In a similar way to Sitearm's avatar changes, this gave a sense of persona to the character.

In my previous blog you can read about the exploration of my first group with Laura, MmmD96 and bartyyy. We had discussed our method of presentation and communication with regards to the brief. Our group was really organised and managed to meet up in second life before the class. We got re-grouped which I thought was a pity because our group effort and plan went to waste when were divided. I am under the impression from the class that our new group is unofficial as they need to be confirmed by Glenn- the lecturer of the Cork class. I honestly felt discouraged by this. Never the less, I continued to add my new group members on Second Life- followed by Facebook with hopes to set up a new group communication and make progress on the project. As it was reading week, I prioritised my energy into demanding deadlines. I have yet to be in connection with one member of my group and as of now we do not have any method in place towards group communication nor discussed the presentation.

The Project;

Our project is based on the trending tag #MeToo. Alyssa Milano an American actress started the trend when she opened up on social media about her unacceptable treatment received by motion picture producer Harvey Winestein. Multiple women have also raised concerns as they have also been assulted by Harvey.  He has since lost his job and is facing legal action.
Our brief;

The #MeToo hashtag is an example of how rapidly a topical incident can trend globally on social media. MeToo was originally founded by US activist Tarana Burke in 2007 when she started the campaign to serve sexual assault survivors in underprivileged communities. Now, it has been transformed into a global phenomenon. The aim of this project is to explore how the internet and its components impacted the emergence of the story and its increasing reach.
  1. Track how a local Los Angeles issue became a global phenomenon in a matter of days and present a timeline of its evolution.
  2. Demonstrate how it tapped into, or reflected the zeitgeist.
  3. Explore how it resulted in women around the world saying ‘me too’ and how this has been amplified, why they are doing so and what outcome is expected.
  4. Consider how the zeitgeist could be leveraged to change the latent acceptability of such behavior in society using the medium of the internet and it’s components.
Present your findings in an entertaining, informative and lively manner using whatever medium and format you wish as long as it can be stored for later review (e.g. a talk, short film, narration+visuals). Each team will also present its project live in Second Life. The presentation should be no shorter than five minutes and no longer than ten minutes. You are encouraged to use visual, audio or any other aids to support the presentation during which each member of the team must take part.


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