Eight Class- The Circle

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The Circle - 2017

''Knowing is good, but knowing everything is better. Without secrets we can fully realise our potential'' - Eamon Bailey.

This week we were set a task to watch a film staring Tom Hanks & Emma Watson. I usually just binge watch over Christmas so having a movie night mid November was a great idea! We've been spoiled with Sci-Fi movies playing with the idea of the future since Metropolis in 1927. I feel like we're a bit over saturated with this concept of the future having Space chips, freaky looking characters and travelling to different planets... This film looks into the future in a terrifyingly realistic way. This movie represents technology overload in the very near future.

Mae Holland(Emma Watson) works for the worlds largest social platform. They have this demand for everybody to be a part of their online community and upload their daily activities and participate in the circles activities. In this film,Your social media is basically your CV- will this be a thing of the future?  They have the participation rank, checking yourself in to the activities over the weekend while off work schedule which is deemed the popularity rank... *I'm thinking of all of those people who constantly attend college societies - I envy you because I don't have the time..

In work she will receive instant feedback on how the user felt after this conversation. You no longer go home to your partner and vent about difficult people in work, you give them negative feedback just like a trip adviser review. It reminded me of something similar online a few years ago called ask.fm where people gave feedback or anonymous comments which had drastic effects on society.

Mae goes ''fully transparent'' where her every day is on a tiny cam, minus her 3 minute bathroom breaks... Her privacy is completely invaded but it's 'okay' because she feels as if she behaves better if she is being watched. Her peers praise her for it, she's now a rock star. It feels normal to them. God bless you good actors because this felt like I was watching a horror film....

In the world we live in news typically lasts a day, no matter how traumatising it is because there is always another depressing thing in the news to take our focus. We've become desensitised to witnessing cruel acts among human beings. I find our society is no longer shocked when we look at appalling things. This movie to me felt like a wake up call of the world we are living in. Will this be our future? Absolutely! Is this what I want for future generations? Not at all! Is there anything we can do about this? No.

Technology is the consumer and we have become the product.

The fact that #metoo has lasted a number of weeks and is still up for debate in discussion is very positive; it shows how serious this issue is and how powerful the movement has become. On a positive note; we've used technology the correct way as a tool to spread awareness. It's a step in the right direction, hopefully we can grow from there.


In our last class, watching ''The Circle'' was given as our task for this week, I only realised during the class that John had given other reading. My apologies.

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Let's go from Norming to Adjourning in 5 days!!
Group Contribution

This week, our team have been very productive. With the presentation vastly approaching, we've decided to get stuck into the nitty gritty bits and pieces for our presentation. We're all nearing the end of semester with every deadline due within the next two weeks, so we're trying to complete this weekend due to deadlines and hectic Monday/Tuesday schedules. We assessed in last week's class that a video might be the most appropriate method to present to prevent any second life issues.. Since last week we were pondering the idea of a short video and a short presentation / full video . For the video, we decided what sort of shots we wanted to include-   Freddy suggested filming in second life which was brilliant, a creepy video was something we wanted to achieve to give you a sense of how vulnerable one would feel.  We met up in second life again to chat; the voice conversations have really helped us to communicate clearly, something we've really appreciated. Freddy lives in Cork so it is difficult for us to meet up. Whereas myself and Lea are both in DIT Grangegorman in Dublin.

With the video editing and quick messaging it's proven a bit more difficult, my fault in particular, what makes sense to me not really making sense to others:
i.e; I asked the girls to do images for credits so I could put them at the end of the video, which was miss-interpreted as actually images at the end of the video. haha. Post class discussion on misinterpreting messages!

Cant wait for you to see our video!

The movie was on Netflix but here is the trailer:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GxEzUgoCF3w 30/11/2017
https://trailers.apple.com/trailers/independent/the-circle/ 28th/11/2017


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