Group Contribution

Our cover for the video!

Freddy; BAVA student based in Sherkin Island.
LeaStru; Third year Interior & Furniture Design.
Modernpositive; Second year Interior & Furniture Design.

....and together, we made up group seven!

Sitearm Madonna' lecture from week three, analysing teamwork!

FORM; wk 3

In second life we choose our identity, the game is to remain somewhat hidden in your online identity. My first objective was to find out who ''FreddymcFreddy'' and ''LeaStru'' were! We met in classes, where we became friends which enabled instant messages but only while both users were online. Being unfamiliar with second life, I tried to find the girls on Facebook. John created a group for our class on Facebook, so this made it easier to trace the team.

Storm; wk4/wk5/wk6

We created a tri group on instant message, which turned out to be our most efficient source of communication throughout the course. Of course we needed a place to brainstorm and scrolling up through our previous messages became tedious, so from here Freddy suggested using a Padlet account - a cork board organizational app which I found to be very beneficial as it was a source of thought where we could see what everyone else was thinking. We divided the padlet into four sections, which adhered to the four points which were asked of us. Any relating document was put into the correct category and whichever point had the least research we just added to that. We gathered a collection of knowledge on the subject matter quite quickly with the three of us constantly adding information.

Norm; wk 7

We divided up the work between us and spent a couple of days working independently on our assigned tasks, then we regrouped to show each other what we got up to. Freddy made a suuuuuper video which captured the movement excellently. Lea has a really powerful vocal, which she recorded enthusiastic voice overs and also a poster! As a group coming up with our very different visuals and ideas, I felt the content came together excellently.

Perform; wk 7

This week was possibly our busiest week, we realized our presentation was sooner than we thought (wk9). We went from Storm- Norm- Perform in a matter of days. In our group, if someone had upcoming presentations, deadlines or essays- we knew about it as a team. We had upcoming tasks in wk 8/9 and with hectic schedules we decided that while we were on a roll we would keep going, prioritize the project and wrap it up. I really appreciated our group for the way we really understood each other; if one of us was feeling too much pressure with other deadlines, we tried to make it easier on each other or worked hard before we got to this stage. I felt like our team really supported each other throughout, little positive words of encouragement.

Video Editing & Decision Making;

It was week seven that both lecturers had no voice. We decided to meet in second life to discuss our options regarding the presentation as we each felt anxious with second life and it's unpredictable technological issue which were encountered numerous times.
Presentation method;
With our firm decision early on to the make a video, we decided it was time to create a to do list. We each chose methods which we felt comfortable with - video editing, graphics, voice overs etc. Freddy had a dash of experience in video editing from a previous exploration of second life. I was also willing to familiarize myself with editing as I had a video presentation for my other module.
Content creation;
The #metoo hashtag and the meaning behind will naturally evoke emotions within, you may have an experience or your imagination could spark the fear. We wanted to try capture the eerie tone throughout the video and the emotion within the production.
Production phase;
One of our meet ups/ conference calls in second life was dedicated to analyzing the tools we had in relation to recording the clips. We wanted to create an accumulation of recording methods; real life scenes, second life scenes. We also included technology scenes as this was one of our main topic of class conversation throughout the module. A number of different voices throughout the video; Lea & myself speaking about our research, ''how much is that doggy in the window'' covered by Freddy and the inclusion of Donald Trump's locker room talk.
Video Editing
I combined the content we gathered and made TONS of adjustments in my attempts to include our accumulation of research. I used our clips of second life and created visuals. The video ended up being very short at first...Everything was new to me, I  was teaching myself how to use the software but I kept working away at it and eventually we came into a five minute video! I was absolutely delighted to have gained a lot of experience in video editing as this really helped me with my other module. I learned during this experience that I actually really liked video editing!
Once the final editing was complete, I exported the video and we were finished!!! Five days ahead of schedule which was extremely refreshing.

Graphic Design;

Lea created the poster for the timeline of events in relation to question one. She hated the thoughts of video editing so instead she offered to create the visual which was perfect as it balanced the workload and decorated the classroom!

LeaStru's Timeline of events #metoo
I actually ended up meeting a few people in real life during critical theory class which was really funny! I realised a lot of the students were part of the Visual Communications course in DIT. For this reason I thought the final presentations would be filled with graphic design, posters etc. It's not something I usually do within my course, so I took the opportunity to create some photo visuals for our project;

Silhouette Visuals

We recorded the voice overs first and created content after, this proved difficult at times finding suitable images that adhere to the copyright rules, so I decided to create visuals and text to highlight important messages from the voice over.

Freddy made a powerful point in the fifth class, which was what are we saying me too to, Sexual assault vs sexual abuse?  There is a big difference and this is an excellent question which makes you think.

I felt that the #metoo was aimed directly at men abusing women, which I think is unfair as men are victims too.


Photoshop/ collage layering images;

1. Protest Rally

Global Phenomonon
Image result for protest

With the protests in America and France, I wanted to represent the marches for the victims of sexual harassment and assault. The matter became a global phenomenon in just a matter of days, with numerous hashtags.

2. Demonstrating Sexual Abuse/Assault in the workplace;

I created this image to represent sexual assault and harassment in the workplace. One of the things we concluded in our research was that many men of power and authority seemed to believe that rules do not apply to them.

Harvey Weinstein & Donald Trump are two examples who have been exploited recently for their actions and in our video, Freddy has included Donald Trump's idea of ''Locker Room talk''.

3. Locker Room Talk

''Locker room talk'' is seen as harmless and the saying ''boys will be boys'' - so we let them away with everything because they are ''boys''. These are the meanings of transferring a subconscious message to boys. Whilst girls growing up with terms such as ''pink to make the boys wink'' , these silly little sayings introduce a world of children who believe that girls should be attracting the attention of boys and boys can do what they want.

Original image;

4. Educate

As a group we felt if this matter was introduced more in education, we hoped that it would be less likely to happen. In a Utopian world, we would love to say that this would never happen again but this is life, it may never be completely stopped. But introducing a number of methods, we may be able to prevent some cases.


Dividing roles within a team;

In Sitearm's presentation from week three we discussed the roles within a group. He expressed how roles should change to suit and encourage progression within a group. There are nine roles in this chart and there are three members in the group, we each had our turn in rotation. One of the things that really helped us during our journey was the fact that we were a like minded group of students. Once assigned a brief we worked on it pretty soon, we each want a good result so we were all willing to put the work in. There was no significant roles in my opinion because we all discussed our ideas to ''plant'' the seeds, each of us researched articles for the questions, the implementer role was shared when Lea created the poster, Freddy and I creating the videos. Evaluation was a constant process - feedback was given on each piece of content poster, video clip, images etc. We all finished our assigned tasks. 
Your role in a team is always temporary and should change throughout the project


This project was one of my most enjoyable briefs this term. We ended up having such a laugh as a group and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Lea is an interior design student like myself and our classes have been in the same studio the whole time which somehow we only realised towards the end! We've met for tea, coffee and chocolate!!! :)

Our final video;



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