Presentation Reflection

John - nice photobombing in the background!

Presentation Preperations!

Myself  and Freddy met before the class to put up the posters, unfortunately Lea was experiencing technical difficulties and couldn't make it! I ended up having two presentations today, I was really excited to see what the other groups produced yet nervous for our #metoo presentation.... I was also feeling very grateful we didn't have to use our voice during our presentation! *sigh of relief*

Final Preparations before class
We began with group presentations in order of group; 1,2,3 etc. It was really interesting to see the points people had made and the way each group had different views on the topic. The presentations were really good and everyone gave really positive feedback after the presentations which was encouraging. Bonus; we learned how to clap in second life!

....and then us; group 7! 
The time ran away on us and suddenly it was almost 10' o clock and it was our turn to present. John asked us about the artwork we had hung up in the class; one being a graphic discovery Freddy found and we each really liked and then Lea's timeline of the #metoo movement in relation to question one!

LeaStru created the visual timeline poster in the classroom in relation to q1!

On the night of the presentation, the class ran on way later than usual and everything got so rushed that the poster wasn't really discussed. I felt bad for Lea who created it as she put a lot of effort into this poster. I was quite disappointed as I felt that we were skimming through the presentations but it's just the way the night went.

A group with a video presented before us, the video was uploaded on the projector in classroom and another link in the chat. I had both videos echoing each other for a minute, with microphones of second life contributing to noise. I re-watched the video after class - which was excellent! When it came to our turn for presenting- class was pushing on and I thought it would be better to link the video in the chat rather than put it on in the projector in the class. I told everyone to turn the microphones off and hoped for the best. I watched the video myself which was so funny thinking everyone else was watching our work!

Overall I thought the presentation was brilliant; the team worked really hard and the process became really enjoyable. I also enjoyed the blogging each week, although I've left my personal blog quite empty this semester!  

Sometimes during real life presentations a short break will be given to rejuvenate ourselves but with the class time only one hour, this was not possible. Everyone was starting to get agitated being awake so late, presentations were being rushed. I think the presentation class running an hour earlier rather than later would have been more successful.

Freddy commutes to college and can sometimes be in different locations using the available Wifi. Unfortunately her internet on the night of the presentation was quite poor and she ended up logging in and out all night. I was so disappointed for her as I know she took the project seriously (as we all did) and would have loved to see everyone's full presentation. Thankfully we done a video, because you got a sense of everyone coming through the video!

Unlike any other presentations, tonight I brought someone along to be a part of the experience. You couldn't tell behind the computer screen so why not?! Myself and my boyfriend had a pyjama, pizza & presentation night which was absolutely hilarious! 
Saying Farewell to the girls;

In this moment we realised that this was the last chapter of our journey; the goodbyes of second life. I know some groups were delighted to never speak to their group members ever again, but that was not the case between Freddy, Lea and I!  
I hope you all have a lovely Christmas!


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